Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner!

The day in the life of a wedding planner is not as glamorous as most people would think. There are so many details that go into weddings or any events which means you have to be prepared for anything. It's definitely a labor of love and that's why we love being event planners. This specific day we planned on shopping for everything we needed for a dessert table that we were creating for a wedding in Temecula, California. Unfortunately, we came across a few obstacles on our shopping trip.

The Los Angeles Flower Market is the best place for bulk flowers at a wholesale price. The market only opens in the morning and closes at noon each day so you have a short amount of time to walk through both sides of the market. But completely worth the trip because you walk into the market and you feel like you are in flower paradise.

Pretty white China Mums..

So, after coming out of the flower market thinking that I got such a great deal, guess what I see on my car? A parking ticket because my meter ran out. Just my luck!

Wow, and the ticket was $60!

Then when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I stop by a store where I planned on buying ribbon and it ends up being closed.

Luckily, I was able to find another store with a ton of different ribbon. Tip: One thing I realized about ribbon is that you can never buy enough. I always seems to run out so it's a good idea to buy more than you need.

I did however go back and forth on a couple different ribbon choices because I wanted grosgrain (textured) ribbon rather than shiny satin ribbon. These subtle differences including the width of the ribbon make an impact in my eyes because it gives an overall specific look. Although most people may think it's a detail that no one will notice, I believe each detail truly ties the all around look and theme together.  

Then I had to buy grey fabric and it was difficult because there were so many different shades of grey. Some are more blue grey, purple grey, slate grey, etc. Who knew there were so many different shades? So I ended up going back and forth from two different stores comparing colors and prices. After finally deciding on the perfect shade of grey even though the price was slightly higher than the other store, it ended up being that I bought the same shade as the other store with the lower price. Funny, I wonder how much time I spent walking back and forth from each store?

After a long day, it was finally time to head home. Overall, it was a good shopping trip to LA but I'm definitely not surprised with the events of the day because anything can go wrong when it comes to planning weddings or events. Stay tuned for our next blog to see all of the pictures and how the event came together..


  1. You guys really do put a lot of effort into every detail. And shopping for all the supplies is no joke. Glad I was there with you to experience your crazy day. I'm sure everything came out beautifully in the end. Love the "behind the scenes" entry!


  2. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! I have so much respect for wedding planners because there is so much that goes into planning an event and yet in the end you make it look so easy and flawless :) Thanks for sharing!


  3. @Julie {chefjulieyoon} - Thanks so much Julie for coming with us on the day and shooting some of the pictures. Couldn't have done it without you!

  4. @Vanessa - Thanks for checking out our blog post! It was definitely a long day of shopping!

  5. One thing about caterers and wedding planners...you gotta love your job to do all these crazy things for someone! Great to meet you via Chef Julie!

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