Friday, June 24, 2011

Memorable Birthday Event!

Last year I posted an entry about my husband's birthday dinner event and so I decided to make this a yearly tradition. This year I decided to make it more of a casual event since I did a formal dinner last year. I decided to go with a simple color theme blue, gray, and white. Any event can be made special by adding some small details without too much fuss. I created labels for each food item and customized water bottle labels to match the straws. When setting up a food table, think about the overall layout so that you can create some height using cake stands or taller vases for decor. This makes the table more appealing and interesting to the eye.
The beautiful golf cake was done by Sunny Lee at Filigree Cakes. She is an amazing cake decorator that can take any idea you have and create a masterpiece. Of course I wanted to get a gift that would have just as much of a wow factor as the cake so I got him a golf bag which exactly matched the cake. He was thoroughly surprised by the matching cake and present. Mission accomplished!

Hope you enjoy all of the pictures!
Amy Park

Happy Birthday to my husband Brian!

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