Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Elegant Birthday Dinner Event

I decided to throw a birthday/anniversary dinner party for my husband and make it extra special with an intimate group of friends. It was held outdoors in our backyard which created the perfect ambiance for my vision. A ten person banquet table was rented with a black table cloth and matching black chairs to add a modern flair.

When throwing any special event, I start with a color theme to plan the event around. The colors for the event were kiwi green, black, and light grey. I made a menu for each place setting using the color theme with the scalloped green background and black studs.

Lighting is the best way to enhance any event to the next level. Using a few votive candles around the table will illuminate the entire place.

Creating a centerpiece doesn't have to cost a fortune. I used multiple square vases with two different sizes so that the centerpiece would add different heights to the table. And of course following the color theme.

And the food...first course (amuse-bouche).

Second course...

Third course...

Fourth course..main course from Chef Julie Yoon's recipe.

Fifth course.. you can't have a party without the dessert. Having a frozen yogurt bar is a new way to have a dessert table. Have your guests pick their own toppings. Each of the toppings were labeled with a green sticker label.


  1. this is such a great website! love the party hosting tips :) keep up the great work~! (this is laura, btw) :)

  2. WOWOW. Amy... you are nuts. This is crazy and fabulous. Thanks for the shout-out but seriously, you can be a wedding planner AND a chef...and I'll be out of a job. I'm soooooo impressed! Good job girlfriend!


  3. wow very nice, foods lookin' so yummy


  4. wow, Amy, this is quite a labor of love for your husband! Love the colors you used and what BEAUTIFUL food!! So impressive!